The Burden of Free Will

One of my favorite topics when I was taking Russian classes was the two giants in their literature: Leo Tolstoy and Fyodor Dostoevsky. After some research, I found out that the two have extremely opposite lives, economically speaking, yet both ended up being great authors. Another thing I’ve discovered is that the Russians seem to … Continue reading The Burden of Free Will

Kumusta, Kaya Pa Ba?

This is the second part of the article I wrote entitled, Ganda Ka? This post is likewise about the important points from the high-rated movie The Day After Valentines.  As I’ve mentioned in my first post, the said movie is available on Netflix with English subtitles! Also, I’m working on the English translation and I’ll … Continue reading Kumusta, Kaya Pa Ba?

Qu’est-ce qui s’est passé à vos rêves ? / What happened to your dreams?

This article is originally written in French. However, as requested, I translated it into English which is available below! Yup, scroll a little more... just right after the French version.  Enjoy reading! I wish we all make our dreams come true. 💛  One of my favorite scenes in the Korean series "She Was Pretty" FRENCH … Continue reading Qu’est-ce qui s’est passé à vos rêves ? / What happened to your dreams?

Secret Quarantine Files

Photo by Josh Hild on Unsplash This is a mini write-up showcasing another day in quarantine of a less fortunate individual. I decided to personally translate the message into three languages. I have one gentle reminder though before we start reading: It doesn’t hurt to check our privilege. I believe that we need empathy more than anything during these … Continue reading Secret Quarantine Files

Ignoring someone (who used to be special)

Photo by Rhendi Rukmana on Unsplash Last year, I totally cut all forms of communication with my ex. After so many years, I found the courage to leave. Finally, I chose what’s best for me. And that is to run away. Maybe not as fast, but as far as I can. I vividly remember that day. After five … Continue reading Ignoring someone (who used to be special)

Le confinement pour les étudiants aux Philippines

Les rues de notre village pendant le confinement (tous les deux ont été prises le 13 avril) Tout le monde a été confiné à cause du COVID-19. Évidemment, les classes ont prises une pause. Dans le pays, les écoles et les universités ont la liberté de choisir s’ils vont continuer les cours en ligne ou … Continue reading Le confinement pour les étudiants aux Philippines